Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Flu?

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on October 29, 2015

It never ceases to amaze me. Every year it’s the same thing.

Before the first maple leaf turns scarlet or the first frost decorates the windshield,  the “campaign” begins. Signs begin popping up in retail store windows and on chain pharmacy marquees. Television “public service announcements” and “health news features” loudly proclaim the onset of “flu season”.

Every year the warnings to “get your flu shot NOW!”  come earlier—and and with greater urgency.

respiratory illnessNot so long ago pregnant women were warned against taking any medication while pregnant, and it was widely known that flu vaccine was off limits for expectant mothers. Not so today. Despite the presence of aluminum, mercury and other toxins in the vaccine, pregnant women are bullied into getting jabbed. (There is no credible honest  science behind this. Just opinion and naked belief in the power of vaccines. And fear.)

Yes, I will admit that flu can be extremely dangerous in the very young– especially those who were born via C-section and have not been breastfed. The unwell elderly are likewise at greater risk of serious complications.

However, injecting either of these groups with toxin-laden vaccines does not promote health, but rather further strains an already stressed body. (Interestingly, credible research has demonstrated repeatedly that vaccines are essentially worthless in both populations!)

Doctors who ought to be ashamed of themselves prostitute themselves to shill for Big Pharma. Their main weapon to drive the masses to get flu shots? Fear.

I don’t remember exactly when influenza became such a plague that people became willing to risk death and disability for an injection of a vaccine that most likely doesn’t even cover the circulating strains of influenza.(It has NEVER been the right strain in all the years I have been paying attention.) From my experience  over the past 60 odd years, flu is usually a limited non-life threatening  illness.

I have never recommended anyone get a flu shot and I never will. And I am not the only physician who feels this way. (Check out A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine ~ by Kelly Brogan, MD)

quote dr Morris re ineffectiveness of flu vaccine.104600_origRather than taking a vaccine, I recommend doing the following

  • Eliminate ALL sugar from your diet (sugar suppresses the immune system)
  • Avoid all genetically modified food as well as foods that have been doused with RoundUp–both are known to destroy the good gut bacteria that constitute 70% of your immune system.
  • Don’t go to the doctor, begging for an antibiotic, at the first sign of the sniffles. Antibiotics also destroy the gut immune system
  • DO get adequate sleep–avoid staying up late watching TV or surfing the net.Both interfere with the  body’s ability to get restorative rest. Repair and restoration need to occur during sleep.
  • Get your 25-hydroxy Vitamin D level checked. If it is <60, you need to take supplemental Vitamin D until you get it up to that level.
  • Eat the rainbow–emphasize fresh fruits and veggies (organic are best, but do the best you can)
  • Drink pure filtered water in glass or stainless steel containers. The toxins in tap and bottled water stress the body’s already stressed detoxification system.
  • Support your immune system with essential oils and essential oil infused products.

Doing these things may not keep you from getting sick altogether, but they should keep you from a life threatening case of the flu. I guarantee this will  protect you better than a flu shot--and it won’t put you at risk for Guillain-Barre syndrome or death from encephalitis! Consider yourself warned!

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