Please allow me to explain…If you had viewed my life from a distance prior to 2011, you would have assumed that it was as close to perfect as possible this side of Glory. Married for 35 years to a devoted Christian  physician, mother to four amazing grown children (and grandma to five delightful grandchildren!), licensed to practice medicine in NC, but not needing to do so except as “the Spirit moved” me, blessed to live in a caring community nestled in this hills and “hollers” of western NC.

My generous (and patient) husband enabled me to indulge my insatiable thirst for knowledge through the internet and my “affair” with Amazon.com. Sounds perfect, eh?  Well, as blessed as I truly was, I was plagued by a sense of incompleteness.

Everything “seemed” perfect until February 21, 2011, when my neat and tidy world began to crumble. That was the day my husband suffered a near fatal stroke which left him permanently disabled.  Overnight I became responsible for paying bills, caring for him 24/7, and making all by myself all the decisions we had previously made together.

Over the next year, I discovered the reality of 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Daily we were humbled by the outpouring of love and support from our Christian family. Encouraged by friends to re-open our office as a walk-in clinic,  I reluctantly returned to practice in July.

I discovered two things rather quickly. One, my natural approach to practice did not set well with the “pill for every ill” crowd that seemed to crowd the waiting room. And two, I was ill equipped to manage a brick and mortar business. By Christmas that year I had depleted our meager savings and was drowning in red ink.

It was easy to close the practice, sell the building and accept an offer of part-time employment at an alternative medical clinic near our home. During my six months there I was exposed to a variety of alternative therapies including homeopathy, therapeutic nutrition, emotional healing using Bach flower remedies and Aromatherapy, as well as Orthomolecular Medicine.

Unlike conventional medical treatments that mask symptoms and attempt to “manage disease”, many of the alternative treatments were designed to restore health and promote wellness. This was what had been missing in my experience as a “healthcare provider”!

Although I enjoyed the opportunity to learn new things and work with patients who wanted to take responsibility for their health, my husband needed me at home AND we needed an income, so I packed up my stethoscope and returned to my role of caregiver.

Unfortunately, caring for my husband did not pay the bills. Needing to find a way to earn money from home, I began investigating MLMs in the nutraceutical/natural health niche. I also began exploring internet marketing and blogging. I took marketing courses and spent hours learning about online marketing and blogging.

It was in a Facebook group for one of the coaching programs I had joined that I finally “found it”. I should say that I found “her”–a kindred spirit who not only introduced me to Young Living essential oils, but has also become my friend and mentor in learning how to educate and serve those who desire wellness, abundance, and purpose in their lives.

When I chose a career in medicine so long ago, my desire was to learn to diagnose and treat diseases so that I could help my patients find health and wellness. What I was trained to do was to manage disease by matching symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, creating lifelong customers for the pharmaceutical cartel in the process. It soon became apparent that my practicing “standard of care” medicine meant that my patients got sicker–and poorer as they spent more and more money on toxic drugs!

I learned that network marketing was simply promoting and recommending products for a marketing company, which in return paid marketers in “thank you” checks.  I laughed out loud the day that I realized that I had been an unpaid network marketer for the pharmaceutical cartel. All day long I had recommended and promoted their health-destroying pills and potions and they gave me sticky pads and ballpoint pens in return. That was humiliating—and infuriating!

Today my dream is coming true. Although I have retired from the active practice of conventional medicine, I am helping  the clients of my consulting business find real answers to their health concerns. Finally! Forty years after graduating from medical school I have achieved my goal of helping people find wellness!

Most health problems arise from bad lifestyle choices, so the first step is assessing the current level of health and designing a program centered around individualized diet and exercise plans and the use of high-quality nutritional supplements and therapeutic grade essential oils. Once these plans are implemented the body can begin to do what it does best—heal itself!

So, if you want to  incorporate essential oils into your wellness regimen, and you would like to  learn how to do this safely and effectively, or if you want help eliminating toxins from your life, I would love to help you. Contact me via the contact form on the home page and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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