Five Chemical Reasons Why Essential Oils Support Wellness

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on September 13, 2015

unique chemistry of essential oilsEssential oils are known for their unique ability to support health and wellness. Classified as volatile aromatic liquids, essential oils are created by plants to help them maintain their own health and vitality. Thus it should come as no surprise that these amazing substances have the ability to help us maintain our health and vitality. Recent research into the chemical composition of essential oils has uncovered several reasons why this is true. Here are five main reasons.

  • Pure essential oils are “alive”. Carefully distilled under precisely controlled temperature and pressure, therapeutic grade oils deliver the  same, unique life force of their plant source to the human body. This is not true of lower quality oils that are available at lower cost. In fact,  most of the oils being produced today are used by the perfume industry and are not health supporting. These oils are often produced using high temperatures and pressures as well as toxic chemical solvents in order to extract the most oil in the least amount of time. Such oils lose most (if not all) of their possible health benefits and can actually quite toxic!

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  • Pure essential oils express an evolving composition. Each batch of essential oils varies slightly depending on factors that affect growing and cultivation. The time of day the source plants are harvested along with climate, soil composition and sun exposure during growth significantly affects the chemical composition of the extracted oils. Their highly complex molecular makeups are always slightly different from batch to batch, but their ability to support health and wellness remains constant.
  • Essential oils work “with the body” by supporting hormone and enzyme production. As a result, they are gentle and free of harmful side effects.The exquisitely small size of essential oil molecules allows them to penetrate the skin and spread throughout the entire body within 20 minutes! Their lipid (fat)solubility allows them to quickly cross cell membranes where they are metabolized like other nutrients. There is no need for the body to spend energy to detoxify these health-supporting essential oils. Pharmaceutical drugs interfere with the body’s normal functioning, tend to have many undesired side effects and must be processed by the body’s detoxification system.
  • Essential oils have a bioelectric frequency that is absent in synthetic oils. Although scientists have been able to concoct cheap synthetic oils in the laboratory that may contain some of the same chemical constituents as pure natural essential oils, they are not the same in their ability to support health.Proverbs 21_20 ancient oils of scriptures class cover.slide They may smell similar, but synthetic oils are weak, lacking the variability and life force of the plant.
  • Essential oils have been safely used by cultures the world over to support their health for thousands of years. Because the plants from which they are derived are changing in response to changing growing conditions, the chemical composition will constantly be changing ever so slightly, thus allowing oils to continue to deliver optimal health and wellness support for years to come!

Incorporating high quality pure therapeutic grade essential oils into your daily wellness routine is one of the best things you can do to support your health and gain optimal wellness. Why not try a drop or two today?


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